Therapy for Adolescents

I specialize in working with teens in the last stage of adolescence (approximately ages 17-23) and the wide range of issues that are faced during this developmental phase.

This final stage of adolescence is viewed as the hardest stage; it is a period of frequent change, transition, and exploration. This is a time when older teens are launching from home into more independent lifestyles and living situations. It is a time of renegotiation of parent-child roles. A characteristic of this stage is feeling “in-between”–feeling neither like an adolescent nor like an adult.

During this last stage of adolescence many of my clients are looking for support in navigating the multiple challenges this newfound independence and responsibility brings including how it affects one’s sense of self and identity, family relationships, academic goals, and social life. This is frequently the stage where mental health issues like depression and anxiety emerge for the first time.

We work together to add healthy and productive coping strategies for stress, fears, depression, anger, and anxiety, and to eliminate coping strategies that are harmful or unhealthy.

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